Rebar Detailing in Revit Using Our Tips and Tricks and Graitec Powerpack (BES500060)

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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Structural Engineering and DesignBuilding Information Modeling (BIM)


In this class, you will discover some best practices for starting a rebar project. Speakers will share their methods (how to set view templates, browser organization, key concepts for placing reinforcement). Thanks to dedicated wizards for 3D cage generation, PowerPack will be introduced to speed-up rebar placement for usual structural elements (beams, columns, footings,walls). Rebar schedules will be created thanks to configurable templates and completed with automatic schemas. Reinforcement drawings will be generated with a specific tool from our Powerpack, which will allow users to define tittle blocks and place sections into sheets. Drawings will be completed with dynamic bending details. To conclude, DBA Group, an Italian company, will share their feedbacks around projects they work on using those tools. Based on their high level of expertise in BIM, they will explain how to manage the modelling of rebars and take benefits, increased control and optimize sheets generation
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Building Engineering
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BIM/VDC managerConcrete detailerDrafterStructural detailer/fabricatorStructural Engineer
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Key Learnings

Learn best practices to start a Rebar project in Revit
Generate parametric rebar cages for RC members and edit Rebar objects
Speed up rebar drawings generation and customization with dedicated detailing tools.
Learn best practices used by DBA Group, Italian engineering company experimented with rebar in Revit